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We're bringing the awoke community across the world to discuss how data helped transform your career bit by bit. Coffee With Data is a podcast to make your experience, learnings, and insights audible, one sip at a time. Listen to inspiring data-driven stories about how professionals find their passion in life and what secrets of success they hold! All data stories are gathered here, under one roof.

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"REST vs GraphQL vs LyftQL APIs
the Good, the better, the Simpler"
Ali Abhatabar
Director of

Give a voice to your journey and hustle.

Reach a world of attentive listeners.

Season 1

Your Gorgias data is integrated by Lyftrondata into the platforms you rely on, enabling you to make decisions that will increase your bottom line. Feed your data into the data warehouse automatically, review it further, and perform a quick analysis in the BI tool of your choice.

Sep 02, 2022

REST API and GraphQL are the two popular terms that procure software architecture style and open-source data query respectively. Both the above APIs (Application Programming Interface) allow the implementation of multiple types of calls, types of requests, and optimization of hypermedia.

July 14, 2022
Guest: Ali Aghatabar & Javed Syed | REST vs GraphQL

Watch our recent episode and hear experts as they shared how REST, GraphQL, and LyftQL APIs. GraphQL has recently emerged as a promising alternative to REST APIs. Although the former is helping developers overcome the challenges with RESTful architecture, it also brings a couple of loopholes. Explore how LyftQL eliminates the complexity of such API queries with its simple framework.

MAY 19, 2022
Guest: Ali Aghatabar & Samuel Chowdhuri | REST, GraphQL, LyftQL

In this episode, Kent Graziano shared several ideas which can generate excellent value for enterprises to be data-driven. Explore why Kent feels data fabric platforms will disrupt the ETL/ELT no-code/low-code modernization space.

APRIL 29, 2022
Guest: Kent Graziano | Snowflake, Data vault, Data-driven

Hear industry experts as they shared how data fabric platforms are empowering enterprises to build and automate ETL/ELT data pipelines within minutes for Snowflake to run real-time analytics.

APRIL 30, 2021
Guest: George & Diana | Fabric platforms, Snowflake, ETL/ELT

In this episode, Bob Collie – Chief Technology Advisor at Zmclp & Board Member at IT Renew, shared how the IT Renew team built a Financial and Customer Hub in minutes for Business Central 365, Salesforce & Azure SQL Warehouse.

MAY 14, 2021
Guest: Bob Colli | Data fabric, ETL/ELT, Snowflake, Real-time analytics

Hear our experts as they shared how to enable real-time streaming and bulk loading from ServiceNow to Snowflake, accelerate data movement with the power of Spark compute and make the data instantly available in BI/analytics tools.

MAY 11, 2021
Guest: Ravit Jain ServiceNow to Snowflake, BI/analytics

In the episode, experts discussed what is modern-day data virtualization and how it has always been a vital part of all data-driven businesses. Learn how fast or slow is data virtualization and if it is scalable as per the needs of enterprises.

OCTOBER 20, 2021
Guest: Ali Aghatabar | Javed Syed Data- Virtualization, Data-driven

This episode featured an interview with Ali Aghatabar – Director at Intelicosmos. Hear him as he shared how data virtualization helped his team integrate data from disparate sources, provide greater flexibility in data access, limit data silos, and automate query execution for near real-time digital and content insights.

JULY 19, 2021
Guest: Ali Aghatabar | Data Warehouses, AWS S3, Blob, Snowflake

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