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Your Gorgias data is integrated by Lyftrondata into the platforms you rely on, enabling you to make decisions that will increase your bottom line. Feed your data into the data warehouse automatically, review it further, and perform a quick analysis in the BI tool of your choice.

Data from Gorgias is loaded by Lyftrondata into the desired Data Warehouse. By allowing real-time access to Gorgias and enabling quick analysis with top BI & ML tools, Lyftrondata enhances analytical capabilities. For greater efficiency, all transformations are described in standard SQL and then delivered down to the destination data warehouse in that format.

What is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a help desk that entrusts you and your Support Team with characteristics that will enable you to profitably and quickly handle your customer's support requests. Gorgias is an all-in-one customer service, customer support, and live chat helpdesk for BigCommerce, Magento, or Shopify stores.

What is ETL

ETL is the abbreviation used for Extract, Transform and Load, is a data integration process that combines data from multiple data sources into a single, consistent data store that is loaded into a data warehouse or other target system. This process needs to be used in data warehousing widely. We can understand this with an example like let's say for the management of the large scale organization ETL is effective for managing the massive sales data.

How It Works

Extraction of Data

Integrate your data fast with Lyftrondata and combine it with data from more than 300+ sources. With Lyftrondata, data extraction is simple. In a few minutes, you'll be moving. Lyftrondata allows you to select your most valuable data and pulls it from all of your connected data sources with just one click, all without the assistance of engineers.

Normalization of the API
Enhance your analytics with a relational data model that isn't conventional.

Any API, JSON, or XML can be connected, automatically analyzed with ANSI SQL, and then loaded into the Gorgias Snowflake connector. Once the data has been retrieved, it may be directly ingested into Gorgias ETL or any BI tool of your choosing without any coding. Any source data is automatically transformed into a normalized ANSI SQL structure by Lyftrondata connectors, who then push the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the native cloud data warehouse.

Analysis of Data
Analysis of your Gorgias ETL data, which we built for the agile data culture.

Then, use visualization tools to evaluate vast amounts of this real-time data and obtain immediate feedback on your store's success. You may use your favorite tools to map data, create and generate bespoke reports, and more thanks to more than 100 integrations.

Replication of data
Instantly upload your data to your lake or warehouse.

By merging your data and your delta automatically, you transform your growth KPIs. Joining tables, renaming metrics, and mathematical calculations results in a deeper and more complex data structure than the raw data.

Data Lake
Instantly upload your data to your lake or warehouse.

Build Delta Lake on the Gorgias to dramatically lower the total cost of ownership and save thousands of engineering hours. Users can bypass engineering labor and jump right into analysis because the platform handles all infrastructure development.

Data Sharing
Sharing data is caring for data.

Define, classify, and locate all data sets in a single location. By sharing these data sets with other professionals via APIs, you can improve user experience and insights. For businesses that wish to keep their data once, share it with other specialists, and use it several times in the present and future, this data-sharing capability is ideal.

Any client supporting access to SQL Server can connect to Lyftrondata thanks to its emulation of Microsoft SQL Server.

Compatibility with the following SQL Server features is provided by emulation:
  • SQL Server exposes a metadata model that has a metadata catalog, system views, stored procedures, and functions.
  • According to Microsoft TDS documentation, the SQL Server Tabular Data Stream network protocol supports the SQL dialect.
  • Data types and conversions, with automatic normalization into similar SQL Server data formats for all kinds.
  • of constructs used in procedural programming WHEN, IF, DECLARE.
  • Permanent tables (stored in memory)
  • Selected environment variables for a SQL session.
  • Using Windows Integrated Authentication and SQL Server Standard Authentication, SQL Server Authentication supports a security model (Mixed Mode)
  • Model for job scheduling and related stored operations

How we do it

Loading in bulk for Gorgias

With only a few clicks, Lyftrondata makes it possible to bulk load and stream data into Gorgias. Simply set up the database and connection, and Lyftrondata will automatically set up the data pipeline to load the data into Gorgias.

A real-time sync

Based on source field selection and timestamps, Lyftrondata enables data replication. You can choose the incremental or full load and schedule the job. Lyftrondata will ensure that your source data is synced with Gorgias.

Sensitive information

Enterprises can execute data masking and encryption at the field level with Lyftrondata, and you can also manage security.

Combine data from any source

Import metadata by connecting to a supported data source, such as Marketing Cloud. Start real-time analytics after adding the most important data sets to the catalog.

SQL transformation

Applying SQL to the data that has been converted to source data, transform or filter it. Sync the data with information from other sources.

Step-by-step transition

It might not be possible to migrate to Azure Management in a single step. To access data from all old data warehouses that have not yet been moved, connect them as data sources and use the SQL Interface.

Real-time SQL querying

Not all sources of data can be used for analytics without being replicated in a data warehouse. SQL can be used to query data from any source in real-time.

Employ any BI tool

You can utilize the common SQL Server drivers used in all BI products and queries since Lyftrondata fully simulates SQL Server over the wire. You may quickly upload data from Amazon advertising to Snowflake or mix it with data from other sources.

Prototyping can speed up BI

Cut BI projects in half with this easy hack. All necessary data sets must first be virtually defined. Create the dashboards using real-time data, work with business users, and only repeat the data as needed.

What you get

Use the familiar SQL syntax to query API data

With Lyftrondata, you can query any data, both structured and semi-structured, without having to write time-consuming code. Its cutting-edge data architecture provides relational format parsing of automatic zero-code JSON, XML, and API parsing. Use ANSI to perform quick analyses and put your data lake to work for you.

Utilize our encryption features to protect your important information

The enterprise data governance architecture that Lyftrondata includes complies with all the guidelines and equipment that your team will require to successfully operationalize your application. A strong data lineage model that adheres to high-quality controls and governance processes can help you improve your information governance.

Make sophisticated changes

Instead of designing lengthy, complex APIs, use SQL to transform instantly. Describe data transformations as a typical SQL operation.

Simple table-like querying of data from S3, Blob, JSON, and XML

By automatically normalizing API/Json/XML/S3/Blob/NoSql sources into query-ready relational formats, you may eliminate typical ETL/EDW bottlenecks. Concentrate on accelerating the time to value and increasing the productivity of your data experts.

Apply complex joins quickly

Without largely depending on the BI and data engineering teams to put up complicated and time-consuming ETLs, apply high cardinality joins between API sources, S3, Blobs, and databases.

Combine data sources, such as a database

Focus on performance improvement as well as self-service search and discovery as you move away from data federation technologies. Analyze data more thoroughly than you search for it.

A cutting-edge facial recognition API

Utilize our facial recognition API function to access Azure cognitive AI. Utilize cognitive services to stay on top of technologies and make AI accessible to all developers without the need for machine learning knowledge.

Simple automatic conversion of JSON and XML schemas to relational format

No longer is it necessary to create complicated APIs, rest services, JSON, or XML processing tasks. Lyftrondata "takes care of all these," converting any data into relational representation and enabling straightforward ANSI SQL queries on it.

SQL Server emulation compatibility
  • SQL Server exposes a metadata model that has a metadata catalog, system views, stored procedures, and functions. SQL Server dialects supported
  • Network protocol for Tabular Data Streams, as stated in the Microsoft TDS documentation

Benefits for businesses that use data

Wide-ranging Analysis

Access sophisticated reports to gain a deeper understanding of your Gorgias data. Obtain knowledge about various products, distribution methods, client lifetime values, and more.

360-degree View of the Client

In a gorgeous dashboard, you can see who your customers are, what they buy, and where they come from.

Data Integration in Real Time

Real-time data collecting from numerous streams can be evaluated, launched, and streamlined to produce insights that can be taken immediately.

Get Customized Information

Keep track of your data by taking relevant details from Gorgias and combining them with information from other sources.

It combines with and assembles

All of your data, all of your insights, and all of the security you never imagined are gathered in one location. To get faster analytics, just connect, transform, and blend.

Protected Access

By using our secure Lyftrondata architecture, we can continue to protect ourselves and remain resilient against ongoing cyber threats.

Support for Lyftrondata's simple transformation functions

Azure Cognitive AI
Date & Time
Data Parsing
Data Encryption

Frequently Asked Questions

To make the data accessible in your preferred BI or analytics application, Lyftrondata automatically connects to the Gorgias database and files, loads them into a cloud data warehouse of your choice, and makes the data available. For greater efficiency, all transformations are described in standard SQL and then delivered down to the destination data warehouse in that format.

Using more than 35 visualization tools, you can analyze any size of data! The agile-data delivery strategy could handle trillions of rows and tables, providing customers with unrivaled BI performance, and offering infinite scalability. Run SQL queries in real-time against any data source. Create data sets and distribute them among teams using analytics software.

To enable data-driven owners to assess which campaigns are most successful and which require development, Lyftrondata offers a platform that analyses real-time data from several marketing streams. Integrate and compile all of your data from more than 300+ sources, such as Marketo, Salesforce, Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

The entire process, from integration to delivering useful insights, takes less than 4 minutes, which promises a 75% time reduction.

Lyftrondata offers built-in security models, support for common security frameworks, and enterprise-level security. Data masking, field level limits, and architecture that grows up and down automatically are all possible thanks to the embedded security system.

Absolutely, yes!

With the help of the Lyftrondata contemporary data pipeline, you can access all of your data points, make analysis simple for all stakeholders, and get a comprehensive understanding of your data without any technological restrictions.

In no way! Pre-built connectors from Lyftrondata instantly standardize JSON and XML APIs, give ready-to-query schemas, and provide full data catalog search.

Users could easily search, tag, alias, and enrich their data using a regulated embeddable data discovery approach. Enterprises may transform messy, unstructured data using the potent, agile-based platform, which then makes it easier and more effective to analyze.

A logical data warehouse is provided by Lyftrondata's modern data hub, which uses a memory computer for data transformation, loading, and standardization.

Data virtualization is integrated by Lyftrondata, which also handles the consolidated data for centralized security and provides real-time data for best-in-class performance. Lyftrondata offers a universal abstraction over all different types of data sources, protecting consumers from their complexity and the back-end technology it relies on. It is dependent on views that let users instantly integrate data.

Lyftrondata supports all next-generation cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Google Large Query, and Azure SQL DW in addition to high-performance big data warehouses like Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Azure, HDInsights, and Databricks.

With the help of Lyftrondata, users can quickly upgrade apps, move the appropriate workloads, and safely manage their hybrid environment.

Lyftrondata expedites the data preparation procedure so that the emphasis is placed more on quickly acquiring insights rather than on cleaning the data. These solutions for self-service data preparation, collaborative data modeling, and rapid logical data warehousing enable quick collaboration and delivery amongst various live functions.

No, Lyftrondata will assist you in establishing a connection with Gorgias and automatically normalize your API JSON output, allowing you to concentrate on running your business while Lyftrondata handles the data pipeline.

You won't have any issues since Lyftrondata will assist you with the Gorgias data model, allowing you to quickly comprehend your source system and construct your new architecture with 75% optimization.

Users can get a BI dashboard and an out-of-the-box data warehouse with star schema architecture from Lyftrondata. Therefore, you can quickly develop your analytics platform by using our express solution.

Lyftrondata will indeed offer pre-built pipelines for both Stage and Data Warehouse.

Automatic data lineage and the tag-based search will be provided by Lyftrondata, filling our data catalog engine. Therefore, anyone, including business users, data analysts, and developers, can easily search all of their items.

No, Lyftrondata supports Json parsing, thus you can simply extract your json data using easy select syntax, as demonstrated on this query. select JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, ‘$.[0].d’), JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, ‘$.[0].variant_id’), LineAggregate from (select top 1 * from [Shopify_GeniusMinds].[Shopify].[Orders]) as orders

Lyftrondata will assist you in automating the creation of the schema, automatic merging, automatic file synchronization, and automatic ingest into your destination data warehouse. The files from subdirectories will be automatically read by Lyftrondata without the need for any human looping processes.

We've got you covered, no problem. Your critical information can be easily encrypted with Lyftrondata thanks to its built-in data encryption system.

Since Lyftrondata offers strong column-level security, you may choose the users who have access depending on their roles, and only those users will have access to the pipeline, database, table, or column.

No, you are completely covered by the auto sync feature of Lyftrondata, which enables you to set the frequency and delta fields before Lyftrondata takes care of the rest.

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