Automating pipelines to drive insights from ServiceNow to Snowflake

Hear from experts on how to use Spark computation to speed up data movement, enable real-time streaming and bulk loading from ServiceNow to Snowflake, and make the data immediately accessible in BI/analytics tools.

Key Highlights

  • Discover how to quickly automate, analyze, and normalize ServiceNow pipelines to Snowflake.
  • How to utilize comprehensive search functionality on data catalogs and automatically transport data from ServiceNow to Snowflake in normalized, query-ready schemas.
  • By enabling real-time data access with straight forward ANSI SQL, learn how you can eliminate the time engineers spend manually developing Snowflake data pipelines and provide analysts rapid access to the data.
  • Automate ServiceNow's data loading and extraction processes, and use Snowflake to reliably carry out high-performance transformations.


ServiceNow is an American venture which provides a cloud computing platform that enables companies to scale up their digital workflow.

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute for database languages and SQL is pronounced as Sequel and it stands for Standard Query Language. ANSI with SQL forms an ideal combination that helps in managing the database simply.

In Standard Query Language, schemas are the list of logical data required to query. Ready to query schemas means those structured or unstructured which are ready to get queried.

The Benefits of Data Pipeline Automation are as follows:

  • Data Pipeline Automation encourages real-time data-driven decision-making.
  • Adequate data analytics and business acumens.
  • Identification and utilization of dark data.
  • Scalable and simple to conserve cloud solutions.

BI stands for Business Intelligence and it is the process of measuring business performance, analyzing GAPs, appropriate decision making, minimizing the loss of revenue, and achieving consistent growth.

Data Pipeline works as the mediator which enables the transfer of data from one place to another. ETL does the Extraction of data, then transferring of data and finalizing by loading it to the end location, which means both the terms (Data Pipeline and ETL) might sound different but they do the same thing.

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that provides storage, management, and analysis of data in one location and makes it convenient and cost-effective for the organization.

ServiceNow migration helps change a legacy ITSM solution or single-point tools for ServiceNow, or elevate the prevailing ServiceNow solution to a fresher platform delivery.

The procedure of loading data from ServiceNow to Snowflake are as follows:

  • Step-1: Select a Record in ServiceNow on a New Row in Snowflake.
  • Step-2: Add Row in Snowflake on a New Record in ServiceNow.
  • Step-3: Update a Record in ServiceNow on a New Row in Snowflake.
  • Step-4: Update Row in Snowflake on a New Record in ServiceNow.
  • Step-5: Add a Record in ServiceNow on a Updated Row in Snowflake.

ETL transforms data on a separate processing server, while ELT transforms data within the data warehouse itself. ETL does not transfer raw data into the data warehouse, while ELT sends raw data directly to the data warehouse.

Lyftrondata is a modern data fabric platform with a modern cloud data warehouse & lake. It creates and manages all of your data workloads on one platform. Lyftrondata is an ultimate next-gen agile, data delivery platform that allows you to virtualize and move data between different sources.

Data loading is the technique of copying and loading data or a set of data from a source chronicle, folder, or application to a database or related application. It is usually executed by obtaining digital data from a source and pasting or loading the data to a data repository or processing utility.

Automate extraction delivers elegant data extraction, transformation, and conveyance mechanisms that maintain your integral data progression without the necessity for monotonous manual tasks or custom script composition.

Lyftrondata helps in normalizing, analyzing, and automating the ServiceNow Pipeline for easy and smooth data migration to Snowflake. It offers complete comprehensive support of ANSI SQL for implementing queries with ease. For more related information you can check out here.

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